10 Ways to Make Money During the Holidays

10 Ways to Make Money During the Holidays

We’re in the month of December!

Christmas is in air!

Can you feel the Holiday spirit?

I certainly am!

Around this time of the year, money is especially difficult for most people as they not only have the usual bills to pay but also would like to buy gifts for friends and family and buy grocery items such as ham, turkey, pastelles and various other Christmas delicacies such as black cake and cassava pone.

This article is going to give you an insight on how you can make money during the holidays. Below are my top 10 ways.

If you are struggling to earn some extra money for the Christmas Season, these tips can be very useful for you. Check them out below!

1. Gift Wrapping.

It’s tradition to give and receive gifts for the Christmas season. Many people, myself included, struggle to find time during all the Christmas festivies to be able to wrap gifts for family and friends.

You can set up a gift wrapping service for people who do not have the time to do such. People would pay you to wrap all their Christmas gifts and you can make some good money for the Christmas Season. By adding your personal touch to gifts like bows and streamers will bring more business to you.

You can earn money gift wrapping by charging customes per package or per hour. Whichever best suits you.

Image result for christmas goodies

2. Bake and Sell Christmas Goodies.

Everyone loves treats. So why not bake and sell gingerbread cookies or Christmas cakes? This is a great way to make extra money and you can use either your own recipes or you can be creative and come up with a great idea for a treat you know your customers will love.

Make sure you charge enough to cover your costs for ingredients, time and labour. Add your personal touch to these goodies by investing in branding your products so your customer know your products are of the best quality. You can also offer delivery services to your customers for an additional fee to not only make their customer service experience great, but it will bring a joy to you knowing you are making another person’s Christmas with your products.

3. Make and Sell Hand-made Products.

If you love working with your hands, you can make a variety of hand-made products such as scarfs, mittens, soaps, candles, body washes and lotions. This can be the perfect gift for customers looking to give gifts to their wives, daughters, grandmothers or aunts.

People are visual by nature so make sure your packaging is creative and festive. This way, you will draw attention to your products which will in turn, bring in more revenue for you versus your competition.

You can sell your products online throught Facebook marketplace or via flea markets.

4. Offer Decorative Services.

I don’t know about you, but I simply love Christmas decorations!

It gives me a warm, special feeling inside when I walk through the malls and stores and see the lovely Christmas trees, wreaths and the creches.

And Christmas lights! All the lovely lights!

By offering decorative services to families and businesses during the holidays, you will be not only be helping out busy families who simply do not have the time to decorate their own homes but they will be getting a more professional look as well.

It all depends on the clients needs. Clients wants for the Christmas season can range from decorating their Christmas trees to decorating their entire house or business. Whichever you choose, it’s always a good idea to take photos of your work and create a portfolio so it looks professional. You can charge either hourly or a flat rate per job.

5. Work as Santa & his Helpers.

Who wouldn’t want to play Santa, Mrs. Clause, elves or his helpers? This is a great way to bring Christmas joy and cheer to kids and families during the holiday season and there are many opportunites to acquire a part time opportunity as Santa or his helpers.

You can find these positions in your local newspapers or online advertisements.

6. Become a Toy Assembler.

Many toys sold by large companies are sold separately in boxes and comes with an instruction manual to assemble them. Parents may not have the time or patience to sit down and assemble toys bought for their kids during the Holidays because of work commitments or other events.

This is where you come in! By becoming a toy assembler, you can help parents by building and assembling toys for their kids by following the instruction manual given.

You may need tools to get started such as a screwdriver set, a glue gun and also an allen key (if needed). If you are great at putting together puzzles and building products, this is a great way to earn some money for the Christmas season and you can charge customers per toy.

7. Offer Catering Services.

Many companies have their Christmas dinner or end of year parties for the Christmas season. If you can cook and bake really well, why not promote yourself as a caterer and offer your services to these companies?

Catering for businesses can bring in some great side income for the holidays. To do this, you would need to obtain a food badge and work under the standard health procedures to ensure your catering business runs smoothly.

You can market your catering business through social media like Facebook and Instagram if you are now getting started to begin spreading the word to customers. It is also a great idea to promote your catering business with flyers and through local advertising such as newspaper ads or even online ads if you can afford to do such.

Uber Driver

8. Get paid for Transportation Services.

People are busy shopping and buying gifts for friends and loved ones. Some people may not have transportation readily accessible to them and often will have to travel with all their shopping bags. This can be cumbersome for many.

There are many transportation services such as Uber and Lyft which you can sign up for and earn money for your transportation services or you can free lance if you have your own vehicle. You can charge per job depending on the distance they want to go.

Running Errands

9. Run Errands.

There are lots of people looking for an extra hand for the Christmas season. This can range from household chores, decorating, shopping or shoveling snow from their yard.

You can place an ad on websites such as Craigslist offering these services to people.

10. Earn Cash back from Holiday Gifts.

Who wouldn’t want to earn back some of the money spent on gift shopping?

Ebates is an excellent way you can earn cash back from your Holiday Shopping and they offer cash back up to 40% at over 2500 stores! You can save a lot of money online by doing this through rebates, coupons and promo codes and discounts.

They also have a referral program where you can earn up to $25 and over!

Click here to get a $10 bonus when you sign up today!

Final thoughts

The Christmas season is here and it can add a heavy strain on many of us financially. There are many ways you can make extra money for the Christmas season.

Whether you are unemployed or looking for a part time opportunity, you can offer catering services, sell handmade products, become a toy assembler or even offer transportation services.

So make sure and take advantage of the opportunities above to bring in that extra cash this holiday season.

Season’s greetings from my family to yours!

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2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make Money During the Holidays

  1. Keisha – In my 42 years of human existence, I have never thought about earning extra cash during the holidays (other than doing music). This is really incredible and you offered 10 great ways to do so and provided what is needed for each one! What’s great about this is that not only can you utilize some of these tactics for Christmas, but you can use these for other holidays as well. Really brilliant with these ideas. Great pictures too. You definitely also have a way with words, very well written. Will be book marking your site. Great tips!!!! Happy New Year! 🙂

    1. Hi LT Turner Jr,

      Happy New Year to you as well!

      Thank you very much for your feedback on my article. I appreciate it a lot. I hope I provided you with some great ideas on ways you can earn extra cash. I look forward to you giving these ideas a try and you can send feedback on how well it has worked for you.



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