2019 Jaaxy Review – #1 Recommendation for Keyword Research & Management

2019 Jaaxy Review – #1 Recommendation for Keyword Research & Management

This review will provide you with a detailed explanation as to what Jaaxy is, advantages and disadvantages, pricing and product specifications.

Jaaxy – Overview and Rankings

Official Website: www.jaaxy.com

Founders: Kyle and Carson – Founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

Membership: Jaaxy Starter: $0.00, Pro: $49.00, Enterprise: $99.00

Recommendation: My #1 Recommendation tool for keyword research and management.

Rating: 4/5

How did I hear about Jaaxy?

I’ve been a member of the online affiliate program called Wealthy Affiliate for approximately 3 years.

Jaaxy was introduced as part of the Wealthy Affiliate program as a tool for affiliate marketers to have an advantage over the market in keyword research.

What is Jaaxy?

So you may be wondering, exactly what is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is an online keyword research and management tool where you can find keywords related to your niche (topic of interest) so you can get the best traffic to your website to maximize profits.

The Jaaxy Experience

So you want to learn more about Jaaxy?

Allow me to introduce you to the Jaaxy Experience.

Simply put, this is a list of all the awesome features within the Keyword Research Platform.

Keyword: Simply put, this is the keyword which you are researching.

For each search you perform using a keyword, Jaaxy gives you a certain number of results depending on the type of account you have.

For free accounts, you get 5 keyword results, 15 results for the Pro Account and 50 for their Enterprise Account.

This means that you will have a much wider option for displaying keywords in the Pro and Enterprise Accounts.

Avg. or Average: This shows members the average number of monthly searches a specific keyword gets.

Keep in mind this is an average meaning that actual results from Google may vary but I have found Jaaxy to be pretty accurate in my keyword research thus far.

Traffic: This shows you the amount of leads a keyword would get. The higher the number, the more traffic search engines send your way.

QSR: QSR stands for Quoted Search Result and this shows you how many websites are competing to have the best rankings in the search engines via their keywords.

My advice would be to target “Low Hanging Keywords” or keywords under 100 QSR as this gives the best results.

KQI: Otherwise known as the Keyword Quality Indicator, this is a colour coded indicator which shows how well a keyword is ranked.

Below is the Colour Chart.

Green = Easy

Yellow = Maybe

Red = Difficult.

SEO: Also known as Search Engine Optimization, this shows you how easy or difficult a keyword is to rank within your niche.

The higher the number, the better the ranking.

Domains: This shows you the website/s associated with the keyword you are searching.

More Awesome Features within Jaaxy

Alphabet Soup: This feature in Jaaxy allows you to brainstorm various keyword ideas using the alphabet.

You can type in a keyword and it will give you different variations and ideas that you can use to create unique content.

Saved Lists: This allows you to save any keyword lists for future references.

This removes the task of you manually writing down all keywords you may be targeting.

Search History: This allows you to see all the keywords you searched.

It also shows you the date and time any search was performed.

Search Analysis: Jaaxy allows you to search what is already on the search engines and see all top rankings of specific keywords.

Site Rank: This Jaaxy feature allows you to check the rank of your website under a keyword on search engines such as Google and Yahoo .

You can see an example of this in the picture below.

Image result for jaaxy site rank


Search: Allows you to find exactly what you are looking for by performing a search.

Jaaxy Help: Under the Help Section, Jaaxy walks you through how to use their website as well as their affiliate program via online videos.

Brainstorm:  This feature within Jaaxy allows users to see all the trending world topics on all major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Image result for jaaxy brainstorm

Advantages of Jaaxy

Easy to use Interface: Jaaxy’s easy to use interface provides users with a layout that can be navigated with ease.

Affiliate Program: Jaaxy is one of the few keyword research platforms that has an affiliate program attached to it. I will discuss this further in this article.

Rank Tracker: With Jaaxy, you have the ability to check to see if your website is ranked in search engines as well as you can track keywords you may be targeting on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Disadvantages of Jaaxy

High Price: Jaaxy has increased their prices on both their Pro and Enterprise accounts.

Now you pay $49.00 for Jaaxy Pro account from $19.00 and $99.00 for Jaaxy Enterprise account from $49.00.

If you are now starting off your online business, this can be a pretty high cost to accrue but in my opinion, it will be worth it in the long run because they give you a great advantage over the competition and they offer a lot of great features within the platform.

Earn Revenue with Jaaxy’s Affiliate Program

Jaaxy is an exciting avenue to earn extra income through their referral program.

You can earn commissions by referring people to any one of their accounts.

Jaaxy has two main types of accounts, Pro and Enterprise.

You can earn both monthly and yearly from their Pro and Enterprise accounts.

How Much can you Earn with Jaaxy?

How much you can earn with Jaaxy all depends on how much you promote it.

You can increase your chances of earning by promoting Jaaxy on your website via a banner or link.

How many people that click your link and sign up for either Pro or Enterprise account will determine how much revenue you earn.

There’s an earning’s calculator within Jaaxy that calculates how much you can earn from the program.

By putting in how many referrals you get a day, the rate a person upgrades membership and how long they keep their membership, Jaaxy calculates exactly what your estimated earnings can be in a month.


Image result for jaaxy pricing

Final Thoughts

If you own a website, you should definitely invest in Jaaxy.

Overall, I think Jaaxy is awesome. Apart from the cost, I see no other disadvantages as it gives you all the tools you need for successful keyword research and management.

It is an excellent keyword research platform for anyone looking for the best keywords to use in their SEO journey.

I fully endorse and recommend Jaaxy!

Don’t believe me?

Try it for yourself!

You can sign up here for FREE!

You get 30 monthly searches when you first sign up as an incentive to trying out the program.

If you are interested in signing up for a Pro or Enterprise account, you can click here.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message and I will be more than happy to help.

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6 thoughts on “2019 Jaaxy Review – #1 Recommendation for Keyword Research & Management

  1. Garen

    Jaaxy is an awesome keyword research tool that I have been using for several years now. One, thing I do that a lot of people don’t do is I target one main keyword. Then through the post I will target about 5-10 other keywords by putting them in my H2 tags.

    It’s a great way to get more traffic and just not focus on one keyword per page.

    1. Hi Garen,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes Jaaxy is an awesome keyword research tool. I also use Jaaxy and it has proven to be one of the best research and management keyword tool.


  2. Hi Keisha,

    I can say as a user of Jaaxy for about 5 months now, it’s totally awesome. I don’t think that my blog would be anywhere near where it is now if I didn’t have Jaaxy to use from the beginning. Like you said, it’s very simple use. I know that there’s a lot more I can do with it that I haven’t learned yet which is exciting. I highly recommend Jaaxy as well. Great review!

    1. Hi Dan,

      I agree with you 100%. Jaaxy has greatly helped me in my online journey as well. Hope you continue to learn all that Jaaxy has to offer.


  3. Wow only just started using Jaxxy but you have given it in a lot more detailed information, like @Garens use of keywords also. Thank you for educating more about Jaxxy.

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