Are you in the Christmas Spirit? How to feel Joyous for the Holidays

Christmas! The happiest time of the year!

Well at least for some…

I’m one of the few people that really have gotten into the Christmas Spirit.

Which begs the question…

Are you in the Christmas Spirit?

Where has the Christmas Spirit gone?

This article serves to bring some insight as to why we have lost zeal for the Christmas Holidays and a few ways you can get into the Christmas Spirit.

1. Financial Issues

For some people, Christmas is usually a difficult time of the year on their pockets. With additional expenses such as buying Christmas presents for family and loved ones, ham and turkey for Christmas day amongst many other things.

With the rising cost of living each and every year, it has become increasingly harder to make ends meet and a lot of people lose the zeal to celebrate the holiday season as they would like.

I’m here to tell you it’s alright. I understand it’s difficult.

As Jim Carey once said, “No holiday should manipulate you  to the point where you’re going into debt just to show someone you love them.”

He’s got a point.

If you have to “hang your hat where you can’t reach” in order to show your loved ones you care, then it’s going to put you even worse financially for the new year.

Instead, if you really cannot afford to get gifts for all your loved ones, shower them with the things money can’t buy such as love, joy, time and happiness.

If you are talented, come up with creative ways and ideas where you can make them smile and make their Christmas.

I really think they would appreciate it that more than a physical present.

2. Lack of time because of peak season.

For many people, their jobs get pretty hectic around this time of the year and a lot of their time and energy is devoted towards their job and making money so they can give their family a great Christmas.

Because of longer hours and a more stressful work day, some folks would hit the bed as soon as they reach home or wouldn’t have the energy to feel in the Christmas Spirit because of how tired they may be.

I remembered when I had a job in the retail industry and for Christmas, it was so hectic that when I was finished working, all I wanted to do was sleep. I lacked the motivation to do anything else.

So I completely understand how you feel.

One way to combat this would be proper time management so everything can be done such as spending time with family and friends and you can also get enough rest to be able to keep up with the hectic Christmas season.

3. Christmas has become Commercialized.

Image result for commercialized christmas

Look around you.

All the streets, shops and mall fully decorated.

Massive deals on items enticing you to buy.

Companies push very lucrative advertising on you forcing you to partake in Christmas festivities.

This can be all too much. From Black Friday sales to Thanksgiving and Christmas, companies are forcing you to purchase stuff you don’t necessarily need just to make profits on your head.

And you buy into it each and every year.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to a recent statistic on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales, the average adult spends approximately $483.18 which contributes to the 90.14 billion spent during the holidays.

Why are we spending so much money every year for the Holidays?

No wonder we have lost the zeal for the season.

By living on less than we have, we are able to take back our purchasing power and prevent the masses from profiting during this time of the year.

Yes I understand we have to buy gifts for family and loved ones.

But we do not need to buy a new TV or electronic device every single year for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the Holiday Season. If our devices are working fine, there is no need to change it.

We are going broke trying to keep up with the latest technologies trying to impress people we don’t like with money we don’t have.

And because advertisers know this, they use these tactics to push their products in front of use so we fall into their trap and after it all, we end up sulking and depressed and no Christmas Spirit because we are broke.

STOP BUYING INTO THE MASSES! Instead, appreciate what you do have and try to make your Christmas season a bright one.

The most important thing is seeing the smiles of your family and loved ones. Do whatever you can to spend as much time and show them love and affection.

Final Conclusion

The Christmas Season is here and many of us have lost zeal for the Holidays. Some reasons for this are Financial Issues, Lack of time and Christmas has become a over commercialized season.

You can beat this in many ways by giving your family and loved ones your time and presents you can afford.

Do not go broke just to make sure they are happy because at the end of it all, you will be the one broke and wondering how you will survive the upcoming month. Do not let Christmas manipulate you into being broke.

Christmas is a time for giving and sharing love and happiness and that’s what each and every one of us should strive for at this time of the year.

Participating in work functions and interacting with colleagues and friends, listening to Christmas music and decorating your home are some of the fun ways you can get into the Christmas Spirit.

Nothing beats having your loved ones around sharing laughs and joy and I want you to be happy and joyful for the Christmas Season. Follow my steps above and you can find joy for the Holidays.

As always, I’d love to hear what you hink about my content! Comment under this article with any feedback or you can send me a direct message on my Contact Page.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

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