How to Stop Chasing Money and Live a Fulfilling Life

Money… We need it everyday. Whether it’s to conduct everyday transactions such as purchase our basic necessities or indulging in fancy restaurants and hanging out with friends, money is an exchange tool used to conduct day to day activities.

But why are we in this constant search for money?

Why must we always be looking for ways to make money?

Why are we not contented with what we have?

I will answer these questions for you.

Below are 7 reasons for the Chase of Money and how we can stop chasing and starting living a content and fulfilling life.

1. The need to have our Basic Needs met.

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, every human being has basic needs that needs to be fulfilled. Food, Clothing, Water and Shelter are the main ones on the list.

Because of the rise in inflation over the years, this has resulted in the spike of consumer goods. Consumers are barely able to meet their basic needs. Salaries have continued to remain stagnant with no signs of an increase or promotion and some people have also reported a cut in salaries.

Over the years, this has resulted in many people looking for alternative ways to increase their income. Many people have turned to the internet searching for a way out from the constant cycle of living paycheck to paycheck every month, only being able to afford to pay bills and food.

2. The Fast Changing Economy.

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From advancements in technology such as Artificial Intelligence to the Stock Market on Wall Street, we need to keep up with this fast paced growing economy. In the near future, we should expect to see an even rise in inflation and cost of living.

Because of this, job hunting will continue to get harder. Very soon, technology would become so advanced, Artificial Intelligence will take over every industry on a global scale which will result in an increasing number of job cuts for many people. China and USA are already putting measures in place to roll out this technology in the near future.

Jobs such as Customer Services Representatives and Cashiers will be replaced by robots which will perform jobs faster with few mistakes and more productivity at a fraction of the cost.

Many jobs have begun to phase out and people are finding themselves on the breadline because of a lack of education or resources to find a better position.

This is another reason why we are constantly searching for money making opportunities.

Many people are not only looking for a better way of life but they are fearful their employers might no longer need them because of the cost factors and the future of automation.

3. Humans are not Contented with what they have.

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I must admit…

I’ve been here. Not being contented with what I have.

Let me paint you a story.

Every 3 months, a new Samsung or Iphone is released into the public domain.

Many Apple users overnight at Apple Stores just to be first in line to buy the new Iphone.

Every Black Friday, there are lots of discounts by popular store chains globally and people rush, push, fight to make sure they take full advantage of these sales.

But is it all worth it in the end?

I would say it’s NOT. Here’s why.

Many of us have a lot more than we need but we feel the need that if we don’t take advantage of these opportunities, we will suffer from something called FOMO or “The Fear of Missing Out”.

We also believe we wouldn’t be truly happy unless we get these materialistic items.

But what really happens after we purchase these items?

This is what happens.

Let’s say you purchase the latest Iphone on the market. You are all excited to be the rocking the latest  gadget and you show it to all your friends and family.

This excitement stays for about 2 weeks after which it wear off and you become used to your gadget and you’re on the search again for the next item.

So how does this apply to the money chase?

We are not happy with how much we earn and we feel we should be earning a lot more so we are constantly in search for ways to bring in additional income.

My advice would be to cherish and appreciate what you do have and look for happiness and fulfillment in things money can’t buy.

If you apply this principle, you would find your life becomes more rewarding and fulfilling.

4. We want the Finer Things in Life.

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Everyone wants to be able to enjoy the finer things in life. Mansions, vacations, cruises, concerts are just some of these luxuries.

Because we believe we deserve a better lifestyle (And you are in all rights to believe that), we are always on the lookout for more money so we can achieve this status level.

Nothing is wrong with wanting this type of lifestyle but we should not put such a heavy emphasis on the money as a result.

Anyone who wants to achieve this lifestyle should work hard and let the rewards of their labor and also their vision of being their own boss be their motivation for success.

Helping others attain success should also be that driving force that motivates a person to want to achieve the finer things in life, not materialistic things.

We need to move away from a materialistic society to one where helping others become successful is more important than physical things.

5. The need to impress others with what we own. 

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This story might sound very familiar to you.

Do you have a neighbor that always feels the need to outdo you and your family?

You purchase a car, they want a nicer car than you. You purchase furniture, they feel the need to have better furniture than you.

Which begs the questions…

Why are we in constant competition with each other?

Why is there a need to impress others with what we have?

A lot of people flaunt their wealth on Social Media platform such as Instagram and Facebook to make people envy them and what they have.

If you are not strong minded, you might fall in their trap. DON’T!

My theory is you never know a person’s situation and what they did to accumulate their possessions.

You do not know where they came from and because a person might not know the story behind one’s possessions, their wealth tends to make them insecure about what they actually have if they are not strong minded.

As a result of this, many people tend to believe a lot of what they see on Social Media to be true and they let this influence their lives and how they spend money.

They go in search of money making opportunities so that when they being earning, they can flaunt their money as well.

Don’t fall victim to this.

6. The Illusion that money brings happiness.

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We have this illusion that money brings happiness and it solves problems.

Sure, money does bring some level of happiness.

The ability to buy what you want or go wherever you want are some of the positives money can bring to your life.

Most people believe this illusion so they chase the money thinking it would solve most of their problems.

But have you heard the saying, “More money, more problems.”?

It’s true. More money does bring more problems.

There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration if you make plenty money.

Robberies, fraud, copyright infringements, higher taxes, safety of your friends and families are just some of the worries people with more money face.

So while it is true that money can bring you some level of happiness, it shouldn’t be the reason you chase wholeheartedly after it.

7. We think we need more things to be happy.

Image result for the need for more to make us happy

Humans have this belief we need more stuff to make us happy. The truth is we don’t.

Once we have food, clothing, shelter, love and security, I believe we have more than what we need and a lot to be thankful for at that.

Every once in a while, I go on Youtube or BBC and I look at documentaries from around the world and I observe the way other people live their lives. Many people struggle for the basics such as food and clean drinking water.

Many families especially in Africa, still have to walk miles for water and food to provide for their families. These documentaries show us that despite not having everything we may want, most of us have what we need.

We should strive to appreciate what we do have and be thankful each and everyday for the opportunities we are given to make a difference in this world.

Final Thoughts

We are constantly looking for ways to make more money. The need to have our basics met, the fast changing economy and wanting the finer things in life are some of the reason why we continue to look for better opportunities for ourselves and our families.

But we should be content with what we have and understand that we do not need a lot to make us happy.

The illusion that money brings happiness is not entirely true and we should stop having this mindset that we need to impress others with what we have and instead work on building others to become success stories.

I understand it is hard out there and I get it.

Jobs are difficult to get and cost of living keeps rising each and every year.

Some of us have no where to turn and we feel like giving up many times. Keep fighting the good fight and you will emerge on top.

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If you have any questions, comments or feedback, I’d love to hear what you think!

Please send me message or leave your comments below and share your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “How to Stop Chasing Money and Live a Fulfilling Life

  1. Hello Keisha
    Great post yes money s not everything .Alot of peopple seem to forget to appriciate the little things in life they take for granted.
    they get tied up in the rat race making money and dont stop to smell the roses! thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Laurie,

      Thank you for your feedback on my article. You are very much correct. Many people get tied up in the rat race and don’t stop to have life experiences.

      People should stop putting so much emphasis on money and start appreciating what they do have and the position they are in life because many people out here struggling and lack access to many basic things.


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