Why you should quit the 9-5 grind

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Growing up, my mom always pushed me to get an education. She, along with my granddad and auntie believed what I’m sure we all have.

Go to school, get an degree, get a good job and work for a company for the rest of your life.

Sounds familiar? I’m sure you’ve heard this before.

Otherwise known as the 9-5 grind or 40 hour work week. I’m sure we all have been part of it at some point in our lives.

And that’s what I did.

Got a job and I’m presently pursuing my Associates degree in Information System Management in my final year.

But I wasn’t happy…

In my heart, I knew this couldn’t have been the path to success and financial freedom.

This “Corporate Lifestyle” working for 30+ years for a company who wouldn’t care if you drop dead and can easily replace you, while making your boss wealthy in the process….

While you stay at the same position for a number of years and would ONLY be eligible for a promotion after someone died, was fired or after you spend about 15 – 20 years in the same position…

I, most definitely, was NOT having it.

As the years went by, I spoke to people who took out loans to pursue their bachelors and masters degrees.They ended up in enormous student loan debt while still not getting a high paying job to meet their qualifications as well as pay off their loan. Image result for student loans

They had to settle for entry level positions within organizations who, not only took advantage of their time, but overworked and underpaid them. A lot of time and dedication to settle for a low paying job which treats you like crap…


I looked at their situations and knew I didn’t want that for myself. I began searching online for a better opportunity and unfortunately I came across many scams.

I never gave up despite that.

Until I came across an opportunity online called Wealthy Affiliate in November 2015. I would admit, I was still skeptical about Wealthy Affiliate when I joined so I did not take it seriously.Related image

Until now..

I’m dedicated to my online business more than ever and I’m truly working hard and pushing to be successful for 2019. Their affiliate marketing training is one of the best in the industry and has taught me a lot about starting an online business.

I honestly believe it beats going to college and getting a degree.

Here’s why…

The earning potential with an online business is far greater than a physical business or a high paying job. There is no set amount you can earn like a salary as well as you are not tied down to specific working hours like a job.

Also you would not be neck deep in student loan debt for the next 7 yrs.

I think that alone should be motivation!

You need to remember this as well. After finishing a degree, you are NOT guaranteed to get a high paying job right away (unless you have connections). Chances are it’s going to take months or even years before you do.

And in the meantime while you are waiting for your “big break”, time is passing by and you are stuck with student loan debt among recurring bills and monthly expenses.

Living paycheck to paycheck… Image result for living paycheck to paycheck meme

Tell me, is that the life you really want?

If that’s the case then you can stop reading and close this article.

But I know you want greater for yourself and loved ones.

I know you value your time and money which is why creating an online business is the right way to go. The amount of time and effort you put into your online business determines your earning potential.

Compared to a physical business where you have to purchase or rent a location, pay staff, buy equipment among many things, the costs of starting an online business is pretty low.

I don’t know about you but I think that’s a great way to start.

I’d rather spend 2-5 years building an online business than working in the same entry level position for a company for the rest of my life earning the same salary with a possibility of a slight increase.

Even if you decide to open your own physical business, it’s going to take a ton of financial investment (as I mentioned above) and about 2-5 yrs before you break-even.

Basically 2-5 years to make what you spent.

No profits…

And because of the amount of time it takes to make a profit, most physical businesses are closing down within the last 5 years. I would visit malls and see stores advertising closing down sales within months or even a few years of startup.

Time and Financial Investment wasted.

If that’s the path you want to pursue, then by all means go ahead. You have been warned.

For me, I rather have the freedom to do what I want with my time instead of a company telling me when to take lunch or when I could go on vacation. With an online business, you can achieve this type of freedom. Image result for online business

You set your own hours.

You work for yourself.

You are your own boss, no one to report to and no one telling you what to do.

Your earning potential is limitless.

Isn’t that something you want?

I know I did which is why I started my online business.

I refuse to make someone else’s pocket rich for the rest of my life. I refuse to live paycheck to paycheck. I refuse to worry each and every day about paying my bills and where money is coming in.

I refuse to NOT enjoy life because of finances.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by sending a message below or via Contact Form and I would be more than happy to help you out.

See you on the next side.

Kind Regards,


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